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Sterile Single-Use Surgical Instruments

Trinity Sterile is proud to offer sterile single use surgical instruments portfolio to the healthcare industry.  By utilizing disposable surgical instruments, healthcare workers can significantly enhance the health and safety of the patients.

These surgical instruments are intended for single-use only and are typically only available in sterile packaging. They can be discarded immediately, typically in medical waste bins. 

Although the process may appear wasteful, the use of these products can reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination between patients and the healthcare workers. 

Key Benefits
  • Reduce the risk of HAI's and cross contamination
  • Individually packaged and ready-to-use
  • Allows management of supplies in line with customer demand
  • Single-Use instrument costs are simple and easy to calculate
  • Eliminate costly processing and cleaning
Contact Us

To learn more about our full line of Sterile Single-Use Surgical Instruments, please contact our Sales Account Manager at (800) 829-8384 or customerservice@trinitysterile.com.