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General + Specialty Surgical Instruments

Key Features
  • Thousands of designs and patterns
  • For use in hospitals and variety of clinical settings
Surgical Instrument Grades
  • Economy Grade: With our economy grade instruments, you will get the same quality found in our single, sterile instruments but at the best cost savings possible.
  • Office Grade: Our office grade surgical instruments offer a quality that will satisfy any clinic seeking for guaranteed reusability.
  • Mid-Grade: Made with a higher grade stainless steel, our mid-grade surgical instruments are ideal for a customer who desires high-qualty at a competitive price.
  • Operating Room Grade: Our OR-Grade instruments are made of top-of-the-line German Stainless Steel and are some of the best surgical instruments currently availabile in the market.
Contact Us

To learn more about our full line of Reusable General and Specialty Surgical Instruments, please contact our Sales Account Manager at (800) 829-8384 or customerservice@trinitysterile.com.

Surgical Instruments Grade Options

Premium Grade

Non-Sterile, Reusable

Customized to meet the needs of clinicians for specific procedures

Lifetime Guarantee

Portfolio includes, but not limited to:

  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Super-Cut
  • Gold-Ring Scissors
  • Trinitylite
  • Electrosurgicial
  • Black Laser Instruments

Operating Room Grade

Non-Sterile, Reusable

Incorporate the highest grades of Stainless Steel (German + Japanese)

Finely detailed craftsmanship + exacting standards of manufacturing

Lifetime Guarantee

Econo Floor Grade

Non-Sterile + Sterile, Disposable

Economically manufactured floor grade instruments offer the greatest utility at the lowest cost

Manufactured in Pakistan

Pakistan Stainless Steel Grade

Sterile, Disposable

Added convenience of a ready-to-use instrument