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Sterile Esmark Bandages

The Trinity Sterile Esmark Bandages provide even compression for limb exsanguination during Operating Room (OR) procedures.

Esmark Bandages is for pressurized bleeding control. The Esmark Bandages helps control bleeding through the application of constant pressure wrapped around a limb in a manner that blood is expelled from it, resulting in ease of operation.

Key Features
  • Latex-Free
  • Single-Use
  • Sterile
  • Multiple Sizes
Contact Us

To learn more about our Sterile Esmark Bandages, please contact our Sales Account Manager at (800) 829-8384 or customerservice@trinitysterile.com.

Product # Dimensions Packaging
99300 3" x 12' 20/CS
99301 4" x 9' 20/CS
99302 4" x 12' 20/CS
99303 6" x 9' 20/CS
99304 6" x 12' 20/CS