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For all different kinds of patient groups, Trinity Sterile provides a comprehensive array of tourniquets in various colors and sizes. The possibility of cross-contamination is decreased by all of our premium single-patient, single-use tourniquets.
Key Features
  • Proprietary material formulation
  • Textured
  • Powder-free flexible material
  • Disposable
  • Latex-Free
Key Benefits
  • Ideal Stretch + Compression
  • Secure + Slip Resistant
  • Lower Risk of Infection
Color Availability
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Magenta
Contact Us

To learn more about our full line of Latex-Free Tourniquets, please contact our Sales Account Manager at (800) 829-8384 or customerservice@trinitysterile.com.

Item Packaging Type Description Color Qty per Case
10001 Flat Boxed TOURNIQUET FLAT 1 X 18 CS/1000 Blue 1,000
10048 Rolled and Banded TOURN ORANGE R&B 1X18 TPE 1200 Orange 1,200
10044 Flat Boxed TOURN ORANGE 1X18 TPE CS/1000 Orange 1,000
10005 Reeled and Perforated TOURNIQUET REEL 1 X 18 CS/500 Blue 500
10085 Flat Boxed TOURNIQUET FLAT 1X18 ORNG 1000 Orange 1,000
10004 Rolled and Banded TOURNIQUET R&B 1 X 18 CS/1200 Blue 1,200
10045 Flat Boxed TOURN FLAT BLUE 1X18 TPE C1000 Blue 1,000
10003 Rolled and Banded TOURN R&B .75X18 12X125 C/1500 Blue 1,500
10086 Flat Boxed TOURN 1X18 FLAT GREEN CS/1000 Green 1,000
10090 Reeled and Perforated TOURN REEL 1X18 MAGENTA CS1000 Magenta 1,000
10038 Flat Boxed TOURNIQUET FLAT 3/4X12 CS/1000 Orange 1,000